Welcome to Dolphin of Skopelos

Specialist in incoming tourism

Dolphin of Skopelos, as the biggest Incoming Travel Agency on the island, is offering a variety of services to individual customers as well as to travel and cruise companies. Throughout our presence on Skopelos, we host more than 30 world wide known Tour operators, and we are really proud to be their first and only choice, based on our exceptional professionalism. About us

The Green and Blue Paradise

Situated in the Northern Sporades, between Skiathos & Alonnissos, Skopelos is 13 miles or 21 kilometers long and at its widest, 5 miles or 8 kilometers across.

Skopelos is known to Greeks as the island of green and blue because of the forests that cover much of the island, coming right down to the waters edge. It is a very popular destination for holidaymakers from mainland Greece who come to see the unspoiled nature of the island and its two main towns, Skopelos town in the south, and Glossa in the north. Learn more

Why get married in Skopelos

Planning your wedding is rarely an easy task. There are hundreds of large issues and smaller details that must be dealt with and organized. If you would like to say yes under less stressful conditions, maybe a Greek island wedding is just right for you. Learn more


  • Skopelos Summer Homes

    The Skopelos Summer Homes are situated just 800 meters from the harbor, in a quiet residential complex which offers the ideal environment for relaxation and a cozy stay, just like home!
    Furnished in warm colors, our self catered apartments offer everything one needs for comfortable stay.
    Pack up and visit your summer home!

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  • Aetoma Villa

    Villa Aetoma


    Elegant villa in a spectacular location


    • Sleeps 2 – 4
    • Private Swimming Pool
    • Air Conditioning

    Set in its own gardens on Mount Palouki and offering superb views overlooking Skopelos, this elegant villa is ideally located for easy access to Skopelos Town, the beaches and historic interior of the island.

    This modern and spacious villa, situated in lawned gardens on the side of the mountain, not only enjoys a superb outlook over the harbour, but also is just a few minutes’ drive from the Skopelos Town and is convenient for the beaches and unique pine forests of this fascinating island.

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  • Estia Villa

    Villa Estia


    A spacious two bedroomed villa set in its own gardens with outstanding views over Skopelos Bay


    • Sleeps 2 – 4
    • Private Swimming Pool
    • Air Conditioning in Bedroom

    The morning’s commute, standing room only on an overcrowded train or stuck in a tailback that stretches for miles into the foggy distance.

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    Our adventure through the Mamma Mia island’s historical town begins when we leave from the Dolphin of Skopelos office and cross the coastal road that leads to Panagitsa of Pirgos church (devoted to Virgin Mary and located in a fortress).

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    Ελάτε στης MAMMA MIA’S τα μέρη και δεν θα χάσετε…..

    Μόνο μαζί μας θα γνωρίσετε τις πανέμορφες τοποθεσίες του νησιού και της φημισμένης ταινίας. View more

  • Natural beauty of Skopelos – Hiking

    From a center point of the island to the sea, an easy hike through Skopelos landscape

    Our adventure through the green and blue island begins when we leave Skopelos town from the Dolphin of Skopelos office at 9am for a 20-minute minibus drive into the hills and the start of this easy hike from the area of Pirgos. View more