• Mamma Mia and Skopelos Highlights – The Tour of the Island

    Join us on board our bus to experience the MAMMA MIA film locations and feel like Meryl Streep!

    Our day sets off at 09.00 driving along the West coast of the island and then across to visit the beautiful Saint John’s Chapel also known as the MAMMA MIA wedding church. There you get some free time to walk up the 199 steps or to enjoy a soft drink in the nearby coffee place. Later you will learn about Skopelos virgin olive oil, making a short stop at the Stamatiou olive press.



    Ελάτε στης MAMMA MIA’S τα μέρη και δεν θα χάσετε…..

    Μόνο μαζί μας θα γνωρίσετε τις πανέμορφες τοποθεσίες του νησιού και της φημισμένης ταινίας. More


    Our adventure through the Mamma Mia island’s historical town begins when we leave from the Dolphin of Skopelos office and cross the coastal road that leads to Panagitsa of Pirgos church (devoted to Virgin Mary and located in a fortress).


  • Natural beauty of Skopelos – Hiking

    From a center point of the island to the sea, an easy hike through Skopelos landscape

    Our adventure through the green and blue island begins when we leave Skopelos town from the Dolphin of Skopelos office at 9am for a 20-minute minibus drive into the hills and the start of this easy hike from the area of Pirgos. More

  • Relax your day with Planitis

    Our cruise on the popular Planitis gullet style boat starts at 09:30 from the main Skopelos port. Firstly, heading to the island of Peristera, situated in a short distance, on the west of Alonissos.

    There are many caves around the island where the Mediterranean monk seal “Monachus-monachus” safely lives and breeds.

    You possibly spot monk seals and dolphins!!!


  • The BBQ Sailing Trip

    One of the best ways to really experience the beauty of the Aegean Sea – is of course by sailing boat. This adventure will take you around the rugged beautiful coastline to unspoilt natural beaches only reachable by boat. More

  • Scuba Diving

    The beauty speaks for itself More