• Mamma Mia! Highlights – The Tour of the Island

    Join us on our mini bus to the most popular movie locations More

  • Relax your day with Planitis

    “PLANITIS” a wooden sail boat; a unique boat on Sporades islands, is our boat to explore the idyllic Aegean sea and swim in its crystal waters…So “Relax your day”, it’s a Lazy Day. More

  • Nature beauty of Skopelos – Hiking

    Our adventure through the most green island begins when we leave Skopelos town from the Dolphin of Skopelos office at 9am for a 20-minutes minibus drive into the hills and the start of this easy monderate  hike from the area of  Pirgos , “Pirgos” in Greek  means the tower or fortress.


  • Evening Monastery Tour

    Join our exclusive evening monastery tour and discover the serenity of the historical monasteries on Skopelos. More

  • The BBQ Sailing Trip

    One of the best ways to really experience the beauty of the Aegean Sea – is of course by sailing boat. This adventure will take you around the rugged beautiful coastline to unspoilt natural beaches only reachable by boat. More

  • Aegean Paradise Cruise

    Our cruise on board the traditional wooden caique “Gorgona” will take you to the deserted islands of one of Europe’s biggest Marine Parks. More

  • Sunset Kayaking

    Enjoy the beauties of our coastline and the amazing colors of the sunset on our evening kayaking tour. More

  • Scuba Diving

    The beauty speaks for itself More