Our adventure through the Mamma Mia island’s historical town begins when we leave from the Dolphin of Skopelos office and cross the coastal road that leads to Panagitsa of Pirgos church (devoted to Virgin Mary and located in a fortress).

We make a short stop at the church for a 10 minute break to enjoy the panoramic view of the settlement and the north Aegean. Then continue walking inside of the old town of Peparethos city (Peparethos was the ancient name of Skopelos) and the venetian castle where the ruins are still visible, and you can notice the different phases from ancient years to venetian domination.

After passing the castle’s steps we walk inside the traditional settlement of the island and explore the different architectural phases during the centuries.


During our walking we will have the opportunity to taste local products.


The final destination of our route is Vakratsa Museum, a traditional local lord house, where you will learn about the local culture of the 19th and 20th century.



Remember to wear a hat, sturdy shoes and bring a bottle of water and your camera to capture the panoramic view and the traditional settlement!


The price includes the escort.


Every Tuesday and Saturday  18:00-20:30