No matter what your preferences are you can trust us to do the arranging, the pulling of strings, the running around and the negotiating behind the scenes.

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Our Services

Every couple has different dreams, wishes, beliefs, budget, style and personality.

We don’t offer wedding packages – because our philosophy is, that your day should be 100% individual, reflecting you as a couple. Therefor we are proud to tailor-make each celebration to fit your beliefs, your style, your budget and your dreams. But of course we also have a lot of ideas and suggestions if you want some inspiration or fun ideas.

The bottom line is that we do as much or as little as you wish to make your special day just perfect. You can choose to let us take care of everything while you go on with your every day lives or you can do much of it yourself and only have us take care of the more complicated details.

Why get married in Skopelos

Planning your wedding is rarely an easy task. There are hundreds of large issues and smaller details that must be dealt with and organized. If you would like to say yes under less stressful conditions, maybe a Greek island wedding is just right for you.

Some very important reasons for choosing this untraditional wedding are:

Maybe your idea of a perfect wedding does not meet the expectations for a traditional wedding at home. If you choose a Greek island wedding you are free to choose exactly how you want your big day to be.


During the summer, rain is extremely rare and you will not have to worry about rain or grey skies spoiling your wedding venue or photos.


A wedding on the beach with the sunset as backdrop or by the pool in your favorite hotel will give you the perfect romantic and unique setting. Or maybe you would like to get married at the famous church of Agios Ioannis the church on the rock – which was chosen for the Mamma Mia movie. Skopelos offers a never ending choice of beautiful, romantic places and only your imagination will set the limits.

Local traditions

You can also choose to add a local touch to your wedding day. The bride can be taken to the church by donkey or sailing boat, traditional Skopelitian sweets and drinks can be served at the wedding, local musicians can escort the couple to and from the ceremony or any other traditions that you might prefer to give your wedding a Greek feel.


A weeding at home can easily spin out of control. There are many relatives and acquaintances that must be invited to the wedding without really being important to the couple that they attend. So why not set the wedding away from home so you are sure only the people who you really want and who really wants to be there will attend. This will probably save you quite a lot of expences too.

Quality time

Modern families often live spread all over the country or even several countries and don’t get to spend a lot of quality time all together. This is a great chance for a re-union of the whole family and dearest friends and will definitely make the wedding celebration last for several days.


Would you like to extend the wedding experience even further? Forget about spending a fortune on an extra honeymoon and just stay an extra week after all the guests go back home, and enjoy the peace and quiet in the romantic surroundings of your big day. A fantastic way to give your amazing social event and wedding time to sink in and become an unforgettable memory.

We can help with:

  • Paper work and permits
  • Wedding budgeting & time management
  • Arranging the ceremony
  • Booking venues, catering
  • Accommodation and transfers for the bridal couple
  • Accommodation and transfers for the guests
  • Activities such as boat trips, sightseeing, kayaking or other
  • Arrangements for decoration & music
  • Hen nights or bachelor arrangements
  • Flowers & cakes
  • Makeup, hair, photography
  • Transport of couple and guests
  • Spa treatments & relaxation
  • 24/7 concierge service Skopelos
  • Special requests such as local musicians, boat for the bride, horse carriage for the couple or anything else you have in mind